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Crop Cucumber


Starting with the purely finest ingredients available, our gluten free Crop Harvest Earth Vodkas are USDA certified organic, artisanal vodkas produced from grain grown on America’s plains. Crop organic grain is harvested from fertile, healthy soil free of artificial fertilizers, pesticides and chemicals.


Organic farming without the use of artificial pesticides, chemical fertilizers, irradiation, or genetic modification of grain is better for the land and the water. Crop uses only USDA certified organic grain. Organic products like Crop Vodka are part of an effort to help support a healthier environment by protecting our streams and lakes from run-off toxins, pesticides, and chemicals helping to maintain soil integrity and productivity. By supporting organic products, you may help to make an investment in a cleaner future.

Cucumber Vodka

Like taking a walk in a vegetable garden, our Crop Cucumber Vodka is sure to entice your palate. With a lightly vegetal white floral bouquet, it’s clean and crisp on the palate, and delicious in cocktails or by itself. Try it with club soda and a slice of cucumber, in a cucumber lemonade, or as the key ingredient in a remarkable Bloody Mary for the perfect refreshing cocktail.

Gold, Best Flavored Vodka
New York World Wine & Spirits Competition
San Francisco & World Spirits Competition
95 Points
Meredith May, Tasting Panel
Finalist, 93 Rating
Ultimate Beverage Challenge
Crop Harvest Earth Organic Cucumber Vodka
Crop Harvest Earth Organic Artisanal Vodka

Artisanal Vodka

Named the Best Vodka in the New York World Wine & Spirits Competition, Crop Organic Artisanal Vodka is light, clean, smooth, and distilled to perfection. You’ll love every sip of this sustainably made, delicious vodka.

Double Gold, Best Vodka
New York World Wine & Spirits Competition
Double Gold
San Francisco Spirits Competition

Crop Meyer Lemon

A refreshing twist on citrus vodka, Crop Meyer Lemon Vodka is bright and clean – the perfect balance between the sweet and tart flavors of a Meyer Lemon. Wonderful with club soda, or in a cosmo, Crop Meyer Lemon Vodka is versatile enough to complement any cocktail.

93 Rating
Wine Enthusiast
93 Rating
Ultimate Beverage Challenge
92 Points
Anthony Dias Blue, Tasting Panel
Crop Harvest Earth Organic Meyer Lemon Vodka


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