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Bubba’s Burnt Sugar


Now this is some BS.
Infused with burnt sugar flavor, Bubba’s BS Burnt Sugar Whiskey delivers a unique taste experience to any party. Shoot it alone or mix it with cola, orange juice, or, if you’re really living on the edge, try it with margarita mix for a Bubbarita. You’ll thank us later.

Bubba's Secret Stills Burnt Sugar Whiskey
Bubba's Secret Stills Marshmallow Chocolate Whiskey


Of course MC is wanted behind bars.
Lock up the taste of Bubba’s with Bubba’s MC Marshmallow Chocolate Whiskey. Whether as a shot or in a drink with cola, coffee, hot cocoa, or other mixers, MC is bound to be a party favorite. Shoot your shot and reward yourself today.

So good it should be illegal.

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